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We're excited for your visit to Yokum's Seneca Rocks Stables! We've put together a few common questions that we think may be helpful when planning your visit to come & ride with us!

Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions/concerns you may have when you arrive.

Yokum's Seneca Rocks Stables
Yokum's Seneca Rocks Stables

Bring your printed & signed waiver the day you plan to ride. This option to download our waiver is great for groups, as it will save time when checking in for your reservation. 

  • Can I take my camera?
    Of course! The breathtaking view atop Seneca Rocks (as well as the nature leading up to it) is definitely worth bringing your camera for. Don't worry about camera sounds & flashes. Our horses are well-mannered & do not mind taking pictures.
  • What should I wear for my horseback ride?
    Many trail riders choose to wear jeans while riding our horses, but shorts are OK too. We do highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes, boots or tennis shoes. Flip flops & sandals are strongly discouraged.
  • Can I take bottled water with me on the trail ride?
    Yes, you may take bottled water with you. Ask our trail guides or stables staff about our saddle horn bags to store your bottled water.
  • Can I pick out the horse I want to ride?
    We can sometimes make arrangements for guests to ride a specific horse. However, we typically choose the horse for you. We strategically choose riders of various heights, bodyweight, age & etc. to pair perfectly with a horse suitable for you.
  • What should I take with me on the ride?
    Riders may take cameras, bottled water, bug spray & sunscreen with them on the trail ride. If you have other items you wish to take, please ask our stables staff before leaving the barn.
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    There are some circumstances that we can accept walk-ins depending on horse availability & spaces for trail rides. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation.
  • I don't have much experience riding horses. Is that OK?
    About 90% of our stables visitors are first-time riders. Our horses are well-mannered & require little direction. Our experienced stables staff will give you basic riding instructions. Rest assured that our trail guides will be attentive to your needs to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.
  • Is there a weight limit for your horses?
    Yes. We do have a weight limit for our horses. We ask that our guests please keep in mind that although our horses remain healthy & in shape, they are in fact climbing up to the top of Seneca Rocks. For the safety of our horses, as well as the comfort of our guests, we kindly ask that you take this into account when reserving a ride. To learn more about our weight limit & general policy, please call our stables office.
  • I have a child under the age of six, can he/she ride with me?"
    Unfortunately, no. We only take riders age six (6) and up. Due to our insurance & liability reasons, we may only allow one rider per horse.
  • What should I avoid on the horse trail?
    Our horses are very tame & well-mannered on the horse trail. We still recommend avoiding a few common things while riding, including: smoking/vaping, mounting/dismounting throughout the ride duration other than commanded by trail guide(s), yelling loudly or using inappropriate language, drinking alcohol, passing other riders on their horses, or riding side by side other riders. If you have questions/concerns, please talk with our stables staff.
  • Can we jog/trot the horses?
    We do not allow riders to trot/jog their horses. Each trail ride is a "workout" for our horses and to ensure the safety of both our horses & trail riders, we ask that you DO NOT encourage them to trot or jog. Our horses complete the trail ride in a steady, walking pace for the whole duration of the trip. We allow them three (3) rest stops & various breaks on the journey. Each horse is rewarded with gallon of delicious grain at the end of their trip.
  • Can I give my horse treats or water?
    Any treats for our horses must be approved by a trail guide or staff member of our stables. Please ask us before giving a horse a treat. When our horses are on trail rides, it's extremely important that they DO NOT have any water to drink. When horses are completing a strenuous activity or exericse, they may sweat/overheat & drinking any water may make the horse extremely sick and/or can lead to disasterous situations. When horses return to our stables, they are rewarded a delicious gallon of grain for all of their hard work. Eating their treat is a great cool-down process. Aftewards, all horses are allowed water & will continue to enjoy a cold drink at their leisure.
  • What if it rains?
    The weather can be very unpredictable, so we understand if you do not want to ride in the rain. We do, however, leave the decision up to you! As long as there is no heavy downpour or thunder/lightning present, we will still take rides in the rain. If you decide not to ride in the rain, you may choose to cancel your reservation or reschedule for another time.
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